Day Three. All God’s Children

By Zach Armstrong and Christina Zarazua

This morning started bright and early with some pancakes made by a group from a local Church near the camp. After breakfast we headed to the work site which was a Baptist children’s home. 

     Once we got to the children’s home we split up into two groups. Some of us stayed inside and played with the kids, and my group went outside to do work around the campus. We helped pull weeds around the trees on campus. After lunch all of the kids left, and both of the groups worked outside. 

     When we got back from the children’s home we had some free time, and a few of us went swimming in the lake. Then came dinner, and after dinner came worship. Worship tonight was great. 

    After worship came small group time. And that’s when I saw God today. I saw God building a scaffolding around all of us as a youth group and bringing all of us closer together.


I saw God when I witnessed how the environment at the children’s home was; there were shelves of toys and games lined up against the walls of the chapel. One thing that really stood out to me was the fact that Christian pop music was being played (a few of them we sang during prayer earlier in the week!) 

Many of my peers, including myself, occasionally forget how amazing God is, as well as their supporters. I feel it is important to go on these mission trips to feel His presence everywhere, not just at home and in church. This day has given me a new perspective on life and God, for He is our Father and has a plan for us. We just need to have faith.


Bridie and her God moment.

Hard at work landscaping the property at the Children’s home.

In the words of Claire Strand “A biiiiiiig tree”


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